The GOES Imager is a multi-channel instrument designed to sense radiant and solar-reflected energy from sampled areas of the Earth. The multi-element spectral channels simultaneously sweep east-west and west-east along a north-to-south path by means of a two-axis mirror scan system. The instrument can produce full-Earth disc images, sector images that contain the edges of the Earth, and various sizes of area scans completely enclosed within the Earth scene using a new flexible scan system. Scan selection permits rapid continuous viewing of local areas for monitoring of mesoscale (regional) phenomena and accurate wind determination.


               CHANNEL  1       2*      3*      4       5*
       WAVELENGTH (um)  0.65    3.9     6.7     11      12
Clouds                  x       x       x       x       x
Water Vapor*                            x       x       x
Surface Temp.                   o               x       o
Winds                   x               x       x       
Albedo + IR Flux        x               o       x       o
Fires + Smoke           x       x               o       o

KEY: * = new operational data
     x = primary channel
     o = secondary channel