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Objectives: The satellite was designed to sense meteorological conditions from a fixed location above the Earth, and to provide this data to operational forecasters and private interests on the ground. It was designed to replace GOES-4 and provide continuous vertical profiles of atmospheric temperature and moisture.

Description: The spacecraft (to be named GOES-7, or GOES EAST) was lost in a Delta 3914 launch vehicle failure. The rocket was struck by lightning shortly after liftoff.

Participants: NASA, NOAA, Hughes Aircraft, McDonnell Douglas

Launch Date
May 3, 1986

Operational Period
May 3, 1986, failed

Launch Vehicle
Delta 3914

Launch Site
Cape Canaveral, FL

Weather Satellite

GOES missions

1968 - 1977 1978 - 1987 1988 - 1997

Earth Science Enterprise


Responsible NASA Official: Sharron Sample
Curator: SAIC Information Services
Date: 4/22/99