moon GOES Project Eclipse Watch
last updated 20 March 1998

Special coverage of the solar eclipse on 26 February 1998, using GOES-10 during this satellite's post-launch checkout in late February.


link to various visible images from GOES, including:

NASA provided realtime fulldisk images every half-hour during the day of the eclipse using the new GOES-10 satellite, which is in the midst of post-launch testing.

In preparation for the midday equatorial solar eclipse of 26 February 1998, we set up a special high-resolution GOES-8 sector watching the island of Aruba on the northern coast of South America.

In addition, we had other routine GOES-8 sectors watching the path of the total eclipse, such as the Galapagos Islands, and Montserrat and Guadeloupe islands in the Antilles.

NASA-GSFC normally serves up GOES-EAST realtime weather images in sectors, including most of the inhabited the western hemisphere.


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