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GOES I-M DataBook
19 November 2001 edition of this web page

The "GOES I-M Databook" is a 186-page paperback introduction to the technical aspects of the spacecraft and instruments. The Databook was written by the vendor, Space Systems-Loral. First issued in 1994, it was re-released as "Revison 1" at the end of 1996.

To get a PDF digital copy of "Revison 1", click on the main link to the entire book (2.7 MB), or on the following links to files for each of the 20 sections of that book (100-200 kB each).

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GOES I-M DataBook, as PDF files

PDF icon The entire Databook (2.7 MB)
  1. PDF icon Overview of the GOES Mission
  2. PDF icon The GOES Spacecraft Configuration
  3. PDF icon Imager
  4. PDF icon Sounder
  5. PDF icon Space Environment Monitor Subystem
  6. PDF icon Solar X-Ray Imager (SXI) Subsystem
  7. PDF icon Image Naviation and Registration Subsystem
  8. PDF icon Communications Subsystem
  9. PDF icon Telemetry and Command Subsystem
  10. PDF icon Electrical Power Subsystem
  11. PDF icon Attitude and Orbit Control Subsystem
  12. PDF icon Propulsion Subsystem
  13. PDF icon Thermal Control Subsystem
  14. PDF icon Deployment Mechanisms and Structures
  15. PDF icon Operations Ground Equipment
  16. PDF icon Spacecraft Mission Profile
  17. PDF icon On-Orbit Mission Operations
  18. PDF icon Summary Table
  19. PDF icon Abbreviations and Acronyms
  20. PDF icon Notes


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