Subject: GMS 5 schedule
From: mdk@thunderbox.ho.BoM.GOV.AU (Mike Kenny)
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 95 16:12:37 EST


Normal operation schedule (subject to change: check the current MANAM)

0001-0028 00Z H I A B C D WEFAX
0032-0057 01Z SV
0101-0128 01Z H I & 0Z K L M N WEFAX
0132-0157 02Z SV
0201-0215 02Z H I WEFAX & MANAM or TEST
0220-0228 TRRR
0232-0257 03Z SV
0301-0328 03Z H I A B C D WEFAX
0332-0357 04Z SV
0401-0410 04Z H I WEFAX
0425-0450 05Z SV
0454-0459 05Z H WEFAX
0502-0527 06Z WIND SV
0532-0557 06Z SV
0601-0628 06Z H I A B C D WEFAX
0632-0657 07Z SV
0701-0710 07Z H I WEFAX
0732-0757 08Z SV
0801-0815 08Z H I or J WEFAX & MANAM or TEST
0820-0828 TRRR
0832-0857 09Z SV
0901-0928 09Z H I or J A B C D WEFAX
0932-0957 10Z SV
1001-1010 10Z H J WEFAX
1025-1050 11Z SV
1054-1059 11Z H WEFAX
1102-1127 12Z WIND SV
1132-1157 12Z SV
1201-1228 12Z H J A B C D WEFAX
1232-1257 13Z SV
1301-1328 13Z H J & 12Z K L M N WEFAX
1332-1357 14Z SV
1401-1415 14Z H J WEFAX 
1420-1428 TRRR
1432-1457 15Z SV
1501-1528 15Z H J A B C D WEFAX
1532-1557 16Z SV
1601-1610 16Z H J WEFAX
1625-1650 17Z SV
1654-1659 17Z H WEFAX
1702-1727 18Z WIND SV
1732-1757 18Z SV
1801-1828 18Z H J A B C D WEFAX
1832-1857 19Z SV
1901-1910 19Z H J WEFAX
1932-1957 20Z SV
2001-2015 20Z H J WEFAX 
2020-2028 TRRR
2032-2057 21Z SV
2101-2128 21Z H I or J A B C D WEFAX
2132-2157 22Z SV
2201-2210 22Z H I or J WEFAX
2225-2250 23Z SV
2254-2259 23Z H WEFAX
2302-2327 00Z WIND SV
2332-2357 00Z SV

WEFAX observations
A B C D         4 quadrants of IR full earth disk
H I J           IR, VIS and enhanced IR polar stereographic (Far East area)
K L M N         4 quadrants of Water Vapour full earth disk
MANAM           Manual amendment (WEFAX transmission schedule)
TEST            WEFAX Test Picture (Sunday only)

VISSR observation
nnZ SV          hourly Stretched VISSR observation
nnZ WIND SV     SV for wind extraction

TRRR            Trilateration Range and Range Rate

There are additional schedules for Eclipse, Solar Interference at
CDAS (NH Spring and Autumn), Typhoon and System Maintenance Operations.
and are provided in the SV MANAM of each SV transmission as required.

The WEFAX MANAM is transmitted each day, Monday to Saturday, at 0210 and
0810 Z. A Test Picture is transmitted at these times on Sunday.

Any errors or omissions are mine.
Mike Kenny
Satellite Engineering, Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne, Australia.