GMS WEFAX Schedule

Subject: Re: GMS WEFAX Schedule
From: thai@HK.Super.Net (Chris van Lint)
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 1995 06:48:10 +0800

The GMS-4 S-VISSR (low resolution) images are sent every hour on the hour. Starting at 00:00 Z and every subsequent 3 hours on the hour. 6 Images are transmitted during daylight: On the hour outside the just mentioned every 3 hours only images a) and b) are sent. On Sundays there is a MANAM and test pattern at 01:10 Z. The exeption to the on the hour rule is 05:00Z, 11:00 Z and 16:00 Z an 23:00 Z. These transmissions start 10 minutes before the hour.