NASA and NOAA are actively engaged in a cooperative program to continue the GOES system with the launch of the GOES I-M satellites.

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) is responsible for the procurement, development, and veritification testing of the spacecraft, instruments, and unique ground equipment. Following deployment of the spacecraft from the launch vehicle, GSFC is responsible for the mission operation phase leading to injection of the satellite into geostationary orbit and initial in-orbit checkout and evaluation. NASA's Lewis Research Center is responsible for launch services.

NOAA and NASA are jointly involved in the design, development, installation, and integration of the ground system that is needed to acquire, handle, process and disseminate the data from the sensors on the GOES I-M satellites.

NOAA is responsible for program funding and the in-orbit operation of the system. NOAA also determines the need for satellite replacement.


The development of the GOES I-M spacecraft system and its instruments has been the responsibility of Space Systems/Loral. The imaging and sounding instruments have been developed under subcontract to the Aerospace/Communications Division of ITT Corporation. General Dynamics is the provider of the launch vehicle and launch services at the launch site. Numerous other subcontractors have also contributed to the overall GOES effort.

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