Advanced Geosynchronous Studies

Science Workshop
University of Maryland Inn and Conference Center
University Boulevard and Adelphi Road
College Park, MD

23-25 March 1998

FIRST DAY Monday, March 23, 1998

8:00 am Registration/continental breakfast

Introduction 8:30 am Welcome (G. Dittberner/NOAA-NESDIS; R. Price/NASA-GSFC)
8:45 am Workshop and AGS Goals/Workshop Structure/Logistics (R. Adler/GSFC)
9:00 am Status of AGS ( D. Jenstrom/GSFC) Science Presentations (Key science questions, etc. addressable from geosynchronous orbit) 9:20 am Current GOES Capability and Usage (P. Menzel/NESDIS)
9:40 am Regional-scale Dynamics (E. Zipser/ Texas A&M)
10:00 am Climate Processes (Y. Kaufman/GSFC)

10:20 am Break

10:40 am Atmospheric Chemistry (R. Hudson/U. of Maryland)
11:00 am Surface Processes (T. Liu/JPL))
11:20 am Operational Challenges/Needs (J. Purdom/ NOAA-NESDIS)

Current AGS Major Activities 11:40 am Imager Studies (D. Chesters/GSFC)


1:15 pm Sounder (IR) Studies (W. Smith/LaRC)
1:35 pm Lightning Instrument Studies (H. Christian/MSFC)
1:55 pm Microwave Sounder Studies (D. Staelin/ MIT)

Additional Geosynchronous Proposals/Studies 2:15 pm Aviation Hazards Mission (A. Krueger/GSFC)
2:30 pm GeoTropSat, etc. (D. Neil/LaRC)

Preparation for Breakout Groups Breakout Group Chairmen: Climate Processes: T. VonderHaar (CSU)
Regional-scale Dynamics: D. Keyser (SUNY-Albany)
Atmospheric Chemistry: R. Dickerson (U. MD)
Surface Processes: E. Smith (FSU)

2:45 pm Goals for Breakout Sessions (R. Adler/GSFC)
2:50 pm 1st breakout session--

examination of draft AGS science goals--suggested changes
development of science questions-- initial discussion
5:00 pm Adjourn

SECOND DAY (March 24, 1998)

8:00 am Continental breakfast
8:30 am Short plenary session--How is workshop doing?--Change in direction?
8:45 am Continue 1st breakout session
10:15 am Plenary--reports by breakout chairmen on goals/science questions

discussion across science groups


1:15 pm 2nd breakout session--

observational guidelines/drivers--space/time resolutions of
geophysical parameters
geosynchrous vs. other observational strategies
3:45 pm Plenary--reports by breakout chairmen on observational guidelines, etc.
5:15 pm Adjourn
6:00 DINNER [Speaker: C. Kummerow--Early Results from the Tropical Rain Measuring Mission (TRMM)]

THIRD DAY (March 25, 1998)

8:00 am Continental breakfast
8:30 am Short plenary session--Is anything missing?
8:45 am 3rd breakout session

recommendations as to prioritization/ new studies, etc.
where is new technology needed?
discussion of draft science document

10:45 am Plenary session -- reports by breakout chairmen on recommendations, technology, science document 


1:15 pm Discussion and summary of meeting/Plans for workshop results
3:00 pm ADJOURN Workshop
3:15 pm AGS Management/Science Teams "Executive Session"