GLOSSARY AIRS Advanced Infrared Sounder AMSC American Mobile Satellite Corp. AOCS Attitude and Orbit Control System ATN Advanced TIROS-N Spacecraft AVHRR Advanced Very High-Resolution Radiometer AWIPS Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System BLIP Background Limited Performance BOL Beginning of Life CCD Charged Coupled Device CDA Command and Data Acquisition Station CEMSCS Central Environmental Satellite Computer Center CID Charge Injection Device DBS Direct Broadcast Satellite DCS Data Collection System DoC Department of Commerce DoD Department of Defense DSCS Defense Satellite Communications System EDM Engineering Development Model EHF Extremely High Frequency EMP Electromagnetic Pulse EOL End of Life EOS Earth Observing System ERS European Research Satellite FOR Field of Regard FOV Field of View FPA Focal Plane Array GE General Electric GHz Gigahertz GIMTACS GOES I-M Telemetry and Control Subsystem GOES Geostationary Environmental Operational Satellite GRT GOES Real Time Database GSFC Goddard Space Flight Center GTE General Telephone and Electronics GVAR GOES Variable Format HAC Hughes Aircraft Co. HIRS High-Resolution Infrared Sounder IF Intermediate Frequency IFOV Instantaneous Field of View IFRB International Frequency Registration Board IGFOV Instantaneous Geometric Field of View IMC Image Motion Compensation INR Image Navigation and Registration IR Infrared ISAMS Improved Stratospheric and Mesoscale Sounder ITU International Telecommunications Union km Kilometer kW Kilowatt LRIP Low Rate Initial Production Mbps Megabits per second MCI Microwave Communications, Inc. MDL Multipurpose Data Link MHz Megahertz mi Statute Mile MMC Mirror Motion Compensation mrad milliradian MODIS Moderate-resolution Imaging Spectrometer MSR MITRE Sponsored Research MSS Mobile Satellite Service MIDAS Multi-discipline Data Analysis System NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration NEdT Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference NESDIS National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service NMC National Meteorological Center NMI Nautical Miles NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NWS National Weather Service OATS Orbit and Attitude Tracking ODAPS Operational OGE Data Acquisition and Patch Subsystem OGE Operational Ground Equipment OIS OGE Input Simulator OMB Office of Management and Budget PACS Polar Acquisition and Control Subsystem PC Photo Conductive PG&D Product Generation and Distribution PM Product Monitor POES Polar-orbiting Environmental Operational Satellite R&D Research and Development RARC Regional Administrative Radio Conference RCA Radio Corporation of America RF Radio Frequency RFP Request for Proposal ROM Rough Order of Magnitude RMS Root Mean Square RSS Root Sum Square RPM Revolutions per minute SBS Satellite Business Systems SEM Space Environment Monitor SFSS Satellite Field Service Center SOCC Satellite Operations Control Center SPS Sensor Processing Subsystem STLC Satellite Transponder Leasing Corp. STS Space Transportation System T&C Telemetry and Command TDI Time Delay Integration TDRSS Tracking Data Relay Satellite System TIROS Television and Infrared Observation Satellite TMI Telsat Mobile, Inc. TRW Thompson Ramo Woolridge TWT Traveling Wave Tube UARS Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite UHF Ultra High Frequency USAF United States Air Force USN United State Navy VAS VISSR Atmospheric Sounder VHF Very High Frequency VHRR Very High-Resolution Radiometer VIE VAS Interface Electronics VIS Visible VISSR Visible Infrared Spin Scan Radiometer WDL Western Development Laboratories ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Return to the text Back to the CAASD Home Page